Not only do we make delicious cutlery, but we also research compostable alternatives to single-use plastic - for a friendly environment.

We are FRENVI, a small and highly motivated greentech startup from Mannheim. Our goal is already written in our name:

FRENVI - FRiendly ENVIronment, a friendly environment - that is what we strive for at FRENVI.

The founders & engineers Abhi & Phani met each other during their master studies in Germany. Engineers at heart with a close connection to nature, the two founded the Indo-German startup FRENVI in 2019.

Together with our international teams, we develop and research edible disposable utensils under the brand name EATlery®, as well as compostable solutions from residual materials of the beverage and food industries.

FRENVI at a glance: