Our products are made from a sustainable and natural mix of grains.

In cold and frozen foods, EATlery® cutlery holds its shape for 50-60 minutes, and in hot foods for up to 50 minutes.

Since they are disposable edible products, we recommend using the spoon only once and consume it afterwards

Our EATlery® spoons are made from a natural cereal mix of different grains and sweet whey powder. We are already working on a vegan solution. Be curious!

The minimum shelf life of EATlery® spoons is currently 9 months, which we will soon be able to extend to 12 months.

Our edible products do not affect the taste of your food. Only when the spoon is nibbled, the delicious flavor unfolds.

FRENVI stands for FRiendly ENVIronment. EATlery® is FRENVI’s first own brand and is composed of EAT and Cutlery.

We work with various production partners from Germany and India. Our “Tasty Mini” is produced in Germany. Our “Tasty Maxi” is produced under fair conditions in India, and from 2022 also in Germany.

Since the cutlery products are exclusively natural and biodegradable ingredients, our products can also be composted in the home garden. The spoon decomposes within 30 days.

Yes, FRENVI is developing and researching not only edible disposable utensils under the brand name EATlery®, but also compostable solutions made from residual materials from the beverage and food industry. Interesting research projects with a focus on “upcycling” are already underway for our future products.